Lithographs On Paper

The corvette L'Astrolabe was in fact the re-named Coquille of Duperrey's 1825 voyage. D'Urville's instructions were to sail via the Canary Islands, round Cape Horn to visit Australia and New Zealand before further exploring the South Pacific. He was to return home via the Indian Ocean and the Cape of Good Hope. The ship sailed in April 1826. Among those on board were Lesson, a botanist, Bethelemy Lauvergne, Durville's secretary whose artistic talents were pressed into service to record zoological specimens; and the young artist Louis Auguste de Sainson, the expedition's offical artist. L'Astrolabe spent almost three months on the NZ coast, moving from the north of the South Island up the entire East coast of the North Island. The expedition members were tireless in their recording. D'Urville's pride in the accomplishments of his expedition turned to bitterness when the French Admiralty refused any recognition of the work of his officers and men. Over the next four years he himself wrote the entire text of four volumes of narrative of the voyage. The whole project was completed in 1835 and consisted of 12 volumes of text and five albums of lithograph illustrations. There were 32 NZ subjects. Plate 70. (colour) Pirogue de L'Anse de L'Astrolabe 71. (colour) Nouvelle Zelande/Nouvelle Hollande 72. L'Anse de L'Astrolabe 73. Village a L'Anse de L'Astrolabe 74. Aignade a L'Anse de L'Astrolabe 75. L'Astrolabe dans la passe de Francais 76. NZ Costumes des Naturels du Cap.Palliser 76. (colour) as above 77. Naturels. 5. Theadai. 77. (colour) as above 78. Vue pris dans les bois/au bassin des courans /NZ 79. La corvette L'Astrolabe tombant tout-a-coup sur les recifs dans la baie d'Abondance 80. Vue de l'aiguade du Capne.Cook/a Houahoua 81. Observatoire de l'Astrolabe dans l'une des anses de Houahoua Naturels de l'anse de l'Astrolabe 5. Ikaitaitaki/ 2. Taghi-taghi 82. (colour) as above 83. Baie Houa-houa /Naturels executant une danse a bord de l'Astrolabe. 84. Vue du Cap Wangari 85. Vue de la Baie des Iles. 86. Vue de Kahouwera/Village fortifie a al baie des iles. 88. 1. Chef de Houahoua. 2.3. Homme et femme de Houahoua.4.5. Naturels de Teraouiti. 88. (colour) as above 90. Ancienne maison de campagne de Koro-Koro 91. Etablissement des missionaires. 92. 1.2. Vielle femme et esclave de Wangari. 4. Tatouage de la cuissse de Pako. 3. Pako, chef du Cap Reinga. 5. Naturel de Reinga. 92. (colour) as above 95. Pirogue de la baie Tolaga etc 95. (colour) as above 97. Vue prise a la baie des iles. 99. Cabane de la baie Tolaga/ Maison d'un chef de lal baie des Iles/ Maison du chef Pomare, a la baie des Iles. 99. (colour) as above 100. NZ [Portraits and examples of tattoo] te

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