Nga Tata, Chief Of Kumutoto And Father Of E Tako

GEORGE FRENCH ANGAS (b.1822,d.1886)

Nga Tata, Chief Of Kumutoto And Father Of E Tako
Watercolour And Gum Arabic

In George French Angas's 1847 volume Savage Life and Scenes in Australia and New Zealand, being an artist's impressions of countries and people in the Antipodes, the following description appears on page 235: " On the morning of my landing I visited Pipitea pah: several canoes were drawn up along the beach; some of them beautifully carved at the head and stern, and all with kokowai, or red ochre. At this place I met Nga Tata, the chief of Pipitea and Kumototo, who stood to me for his portrait. This man is the father of E Tako, the present chief of Port Nicholson, and on former times was an atrocious cannibal. He boasts of having roasted slave children alive, and then partaken of their flesh; and is notorious for his sanguinary deeds of cruelty. His eyes have a bloodshot and savage appearance, and his character is borne out by the expression of his countenance. He has six toes on his left foot: a peculiarity that characterises Rauparaha and several other chiefs."

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